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Lead generation as sustainable as solar

Most agencies operate like a utility company:

If you want more from them, you have to pay more.

We function like solar:

Pay a flat fee once a month and you collect everything off the top. All the savings and earnings from your great decision.

  • Solar Leads
  • Built so you can scale your business. Getting more doesn't cost more.
  • Like an amazing in-house employee, we aim to 10x-30x the value you pay us.
  • Flat monthly fee. Your price stays constant. Even as we perform better and better. Period.
  • Other Lead Companies
  • Built to profit off your success. Get more only when you pay more.
  • The more value they create, the more they cost.
  • Price goes up based on performance, number of leads, or ad spend (punishing you for getting more leads).

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Your Easiest Close Yet

Time is money, so why waste either on something that doesn't produce results?

Solar Leads delivers consistent and qualified leads directly to your dedicated CRM. We make your sales team excited to get on the phone.

Leave the heavy lifting to us! We find homeowners in your area that are ready to make the switch, you just call and close them!

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Our Marketing Blueprint + Your Sales Team = $$$

How do we deliver consistent results to our clients?

  1. We identify your key target markets of where you would like us to generate qualified leads.
  2. We launch our tried and tested landing pages, ad sets, and a few other proven avenues to identify qualified leads.
  3. We qualify each lead with a national database to valideate before forwarding on to you.
  4. Your leads populate inside of your CRM. Simultaneously, your team receives email and sms notifications of all the necessary details to maintain a seamless handoff of your new customer.
  5. Your turn! Time to call and close.

Get Qualified Leads Today

What We'll Cover In Your 15-Minute Qualifying Call…

Market Discovery & Opportunity

Where are you selling and what is your current opportunity? We service clients nationwide but want to focus on your areas that have the greatest upside for your business.

Our Proven Process that Delivers You Qualified Leads

We've spend the time and money to take the guesswork out of generating qualified leads. We'll give you a peak behind the curtain and how it can seamlessly blend into your business.

Flat Rate Pricing that Doesn't Scale

You make more, our price stays fixed. In 1-minute, you'll understand all price tags associated with our proven service. You're going to love its simplicity and affordability.

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Our Most Common Customer Feedback

Nothing's ever been more simple. My sales team gets qualified leads not only looped into our CRM but also sent directly to their phones. It doesn't get easier than that!

The Perfect Addition to your Current Operation

We're a shot of adrenaline to your already operational business. If you're currently knocking doors, cold calling, purchasing leads, etc…PERFECT!

We don't overhaul your entire business but rather supplement an already functioning machine with more qualified leads to contact and close.

We'll increase your efforts and ROI without the burden of more work or stress.

Our 100% Rock-Solid Money-Back Guarantee

You can partner with Solar Leads with confidence because you'll always be covered by our money-back guarantee. In the extremely unlikely event, we can't help you get at least 30 qualified leads in your first 180 days, we'll refund the 90 days' worth of your agreement – no questions asked.

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